Friday, February 22, 2008

Gary's 46th Birthday Finale

Yes, I've worked my way into Washington's Day as well--so Happy Birthday to you too, George. And Gary, goodnight and we love you. You have always been and will always be the baby.

**Lisa and I warmed his bottle even beyond his third birthday!!


aunt karen said...

De'on, this was wonderful! I love this picture of you three. I don't think a brother was ever loved more by his sisters (besides my brothers, of course!) Thank you so much for the time you spent to do this for Gary. He looked at the blog this morning and had the biggest grin on his face. He will probably comment back tonight.
Awesome Birthday Bash! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Look at me, I have mink! De'on did you let me borrow it? ha

De'on Miller said...

I surely must have let you borrow it, but it would be a few years down the road before I'd make you pay me to borrow clothes. I must have felt really grown-up and in charge here: I wasn't dressed like my baby sister!

And look at Gary's face here. He still has that same expression today when he's looking at his plate. How cute. And we're trying to help him feel important and birthdayish, as if.... ;)LOL!

Oh, he's rotten!