Thursday, February 21, 2008

A little about your name... Gary Glenn Grigsby

Your mother tHE dRamA qUeeN gave your middle name to you because of this man! This cover is from 1962- your year,GG...

P.S. Don't feel bad. My name came from a romance novel her Aunt was reading, and then of course, the first name was dropped from my life... somewhat.

Here's a NASA bio link on John Glenn


Anonymous said...

Where did my name come from? I would guess some how she cleaned for them in some way.

De'on Miller said...

We'll have to look up your name, or ask Mom, I guess. It probably means "tired" as I had really bummed them out on parenthood by the time you arrived.

All that colic you know.

In the photo of you and I hunting Easter eggs, Little One, did you ever notice the scarf on your head? MaMa put it on you because you'd been a little sick and she didn't want you getting pneumonia. Wow... we had the finest grandmother. MeMa was so special when we were older, but it was MaMa (our paternal grandmother) who spoiled us beyond belief. And she certainly attended to all of our illnesses. Before you were born, I was on goat's milk and a regular at the chiropractor's office as well as the allergy specialists. MaMa thought my little back needed regular adjustments. That must have been why I cried so much! ;)