Sunday, February 10, 2008

Title It! Virgie Bell's Choice

Another Topper! Scroll down for current posts. (After you've played, of course!) Winning Title Goes Here
Come on everybody, play! (And the fold in the photo is not part of the subject to study—I just didn’t want the photo chopped in half!)

Anyway, COME UP WITH A TITLE you think I’ll choose as the best. If you win, you get to pick the next photo and judge the best title.

DEADLINE: Sunday, February 10, 2008 at 10:00 PM MST (It seems a few are missing the 8:00 deadline, so I’m working with you here!)

Winner will be announced within 24 hours of expiration of said deadline. Declared winner has 3 days to email photo to De’on Miller.

Good Luck!

++And Greg, once again, you’ve displayed that even though your titles are well, iffy at best, your judgment is quite sound. I thank you for the honor of winning. And may I further add, it’s about time! ha… -your favorite mother-in-law-


Raymond Keen said...

God's New Light on Old City of Jerusalem

Ray in Okinawa

Anonymous said...

The Poet's Prize


Anonymous said...

God's Glory Revealed

Gregory Miller

Anonymous said...

Gold at the End of the Tunnel