Friday, February 1, 2008

Virgie Bell's View: Puzzles

What an inhumane thing to do to use two mentally retarded girls fitted out with bombs as the latest suicide bombers. The fact that it was a pet store makes it even more horrible. Customers looking for pets are the targets. What on earth is the matter with these monsters? Who among the victims was the threat? This, folks, is just about as bad as it gets.

There was a mother here in the USA who put her baby in a micro-wave oven, turned it on and walked out the door. A man here in my country kills his baby and dumps it beside the road. The face of evil is too good for them. How puzzling is the Leviathan that God mentions in the book of Job. It is the one thing in the Bible that has been kept a secret all though out the ages. But here it is, right before our eyes. Give it a name. I challenge you. You can't because it is unspeakable. We can see it and read of it but can't lay a name to it.

One of the reasons that I believe in heaven is that I do so fully believe in hell. I cannot believe that my dust will become a part of their dust. Regardless of what you believe about God, Jesus is an historical fact that cannot be dismissed. A fact is something that agrees with the evidences. The crucifixion really did happen. His blood poured out on the dust below the cross. Don't tell me his blood is mixed with that of the Leviathan. His blood contained DNA. That is his earthly presence and it is left here forever. Right here is the chemical equation that will stand forever unsolved, yet we all know the answer. When the atom was split, the negative power and the positive power were separated. The result or the summary, the answer if you will, is Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You cannot connect the dots, but you certainly can see the answer. You know what it is going to take to win the War on Terror. That is the power of God.

Leviathan is expressed in the cyclopedic index of my Bible as unknown god. Within scripture it is referred to as THE UNKNOWN GOD. The same, yet vastly different. I looked it up in the Greek and it is just that...god or God. Spell Check cannot find the error but you can see the error on this post. You can see it with your eyes. I think sometimes we really do come as a child and that is the only way we can. I know that the Bible is numerically correct but I cannot do the math. I do know that if it is the written word I can read it and understand it as a child. King of the Jews or KING OF THE JEWS. Spell check will correct the word jew to the correct Jew. Something written on the air and I can look at it today. For lack of a better term call it the truth or the facts, that which agrees with the evidence.



De'on Miller said...


I've been looking at this some tonight but want to look at it more.

God created and named the beast and I think it's interesting the first 4 letters are Levi. Aaron was the great-granson of Levi, chosen for priesthood.

There is a lot under 'Levites' and one very interesting thing is Jacob's (Israel's) prophecy concerning the Levites found in Gen. 49:5-7.

I'm always glad for your searches. You make me smile just now and that is a good thing b/c there are a few Leviathans in our world right now.

King Agrippa was almost persuaded and when he turned away, he lost his mind. He went insane.

The horror of the mind of where these people live. How crippled. You're right. There is no one word. It is the evil that exists that there may be no coming back from. Only God knows. Only God.

We will get back to this another time. I can't see anymore and rightfully so, look at the time.

Night night mother dear. Your bedtime stories are always the best! ;)

aunt karen said...

What a beautiful post. I have always learned so much more from you Virgie, than what I alone can grasp when doing Bible study. I love the message in this post.