Thursday, February 21, 2008

You and your boots... in oil

Painted by your #1 fan: Mom


Anonymous said...

Little boys and their boots.
Nice things to remember.

De'on Miller said...

I remember when Mom snapped this photo. We lived in the big city of McDonald, NM.

Strange, Gary was in his own bed that night--not mine and Lisa's, where he slept forever! In the middle of us! Baby Brat. Peed in my shoe one night while he was sleep walking or something???

Anonymous said...

Guess you and Gary had finally gotten into yall's own bed. I remember I slept alone at Earth, Texas, you two slept with Mom. I loved it. LOL
Notice I didn't put ha, I'm catching on a little to the lingo.

De'on Miller said...

Yes, Vampires, you know. I also used lipstick to paint a cross on my forehead.

'Course, I slept with Mom the night before I maRRied... and that had nothing to do with vampires.

Before I leave this earth, I want to sleep with Mom one more time and with Hennessy.