Thursday, February 7, 2008

Get back van Gogh! ( and other ear surgeries... :)


Well, it’s been, shall we say, a little tight around here.

McCain is ahead! Yea! That’s a good thing. Greg will vote for him because he’s the Republican candidate. He, like most Republicans, appreciates McCain’s service but as I’ve said, my husband is super conservative and that comes from the womb, I suppose. It’s like his ears or nose. It would take surgery to change these and I suppose that’s okay.

I’m Republican and conservative, but I’ve not always been that. I changed my registration after the Clinton’s began to humiliate all of us all the further as they moved from the White House; computers crashed, crystal broken or missing. This is when I got off the boat, and conservative values are my values. But even all the stink during the Lewinsky scandals ended up making me feel sorry for Clinton and mad at all the Ken Starr stuff. Yes, I’m wimpy and weak. But I do hope McCain wins.

I think Obama is very charismatic and handsome. I’m not as taken with him as the lady behind him during his speech on Super Tuesday (my gosh, get a grip, lady!) but charisma and handsome and talk of peace and change, change and more change is not the leader for me during the War on Terror. Give me a little bit ugly and a whole lot of Canned Heat, a little bit of anger for our troops and attacks on them. I voted for the war and never voted against it (!) The war has crushed me deeply, but I do support its higher cause and refuse to jump ship on it. We’ve come a long way I think. It breaks my heart for the troops who suffer from this war. So much. And even then, I’m still willing to risk it.

I have several friends with differing views. Even members in my family hold differing views. I receive e-mails from friends who surely must assume I feel exactly the same as they do. I don’t, but I would never risk losing a friend over this election.

The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders and it also says that God Himself puts ALL rulers in place. I do my part as far as voting and praying, and the rest, I’ll leave to the man upstairs.

Well, that’s probably my one big political statement, so, I’ll just take a moment to apologize for my absence from the blog of late. I’m behind on everything. I’ve been working on my book and though I try not to be, I am obsessive about most things. Right now, it’s the book, so forgive me. I’ve been blogging so long, it took a little bit to get back into the format of writing in a more formal way as far as Point of View and tabs and double spaces. Also, it’s been hard for me to keep from inserting links! How easy would that be and boy, would it cut down on the exposition of things, but, I am back into it and thoroughly happy about that!

In other news, it’s a little tight here with our Famous Bob Knight, AKA “The General” leaving Texas Tech. Not sure what all has happened there. ESPN had little about it last night, but I know Knight has had problems with some of the big guys there all along, so no doubt, it’s probably time for Knight to move on. He’s a staunch Conservative and even at Texas Tech, those over him are probably a little less so—to say the least. So, good luck Bob Knight! We purchased tickets for me, Greg, Kayla, and two of her friends. That’s where we’ll be just a few days from now, so… don’t know that future tickets will be bought. My husband is sure to fill me in when he gets home.

Mom, Karen and I are married to truck drivers. There is nothing quite like it. 12 hours of Talk Radio. I learn more than I ever cared about. Greg doesn’t read the blog much, so… ha!

And do we think we’ve had a bad day? Well, here’s another link to prove it can get worse and to snuff that “itchy link-me” feeling I’ve had for a few days.

Mom: art lessons are this weekend. Prepare a canvas! I’m ready myself. Let’s see, what artsy-fartsy way am I feeling for this weekend. I’ve done snowmen until I think I am one, but I’ve done a few other things as well. Some will be finished this weekend and then I’ll share them with you. Actually, Semper Fi Mom is the only one who has asked, but I’m not shy! The one you see pictured above is the Christmas card I sent to Zach and Jess. Yes, it’s a Southwest Christmas! I was inspired by abstract that day! The card is so heavy with paint I had to use multiple stamps to mail it and I’m not certain a hunk didn’t end up missing out of it.

Oh well.

Here’s your link! Body found during Open-House

Semper Fi,


Raymond Keen said...


Great colors on your "Southwest Christmas" abstract!

I am saving it to my documents.


Anonymous said...

Really great post. Very thoughtful and informative. I am very impressed and I love you Your MOM

De'on Miller said...

Thanks, Ray!

Ray has my snowman card. Lisa has the church. I have yours scanned too. I scan everything around here. Even the animals, though they're not in the least bit cooperative.

And Mom, I love you too. I enjoyed our time together today and part 5 of Winds of War was great.

Greg is all tuckied in. I will get your post up tomorrow and about to put the cartoon up!